Our Lady of Mercy and Sargent Shriver

I worked for Our Lady of Mercy Parish for nearly seven years, first on the Stations of the Cross, then on St. Joseph and the Virgin Annunciate. In some ways, that church feels like home to me. The folks on the liturgical arts committee were welcomed faces every time I brought in a design for their approval. I’d feel so nervous before arriving, wondering what criticisms they would have. Instead, I was greeted with warmth and engaging conversation. The art, in so many ways, was a collaborative effort. Their love and enthusiasm for God, the Church, and her art was refreshing and inspiring.

Sargent Shriver, the founder of the Peace Corps, was a prominent member of Our Lady of Mercy. The church really fostered a concern for social justice, quite epitomized by Sargent Shriver. Anyhow, he was remembered on this morning’s Morning Joe program on MSMBC. If you look closely, you can see my sculpture of the Virgin Annunciate.

Remembering Sargent Shriver

(Does anyone know why I’m having trouble¬†embedding¬†the video?)

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