The Things I Love

Back in 2003, I made a list of things I love. Periodically, I make a new list. I seems that thinking about those things which we love tell us a great deal about ourselves. In a series on Gideon Strauss‘ blog, he asked several people SIX important questions, the first being, “What do you Love?” Here is my list:

What Sarah Hempel Irani loves


  1. Erik, Erik, Erik, a thousand times Erik (my ever-gracious husband)
  2. Our daughter, Asha
  3. Asha’s wild, untamable curls and her wild, untamable heart
  4. The sound of my husband’s voice, especially when he says my name
  5. Memories of my incredible childhood, and the people who were a part of it
  6. My parents and brother, all of whom I would describe as “radically loving”
  7. The yellow-green light that comes through the trees in the early evening
  8. Tea and the rituals surrounding tea
  9. Verrocchio’s hands
  10. Being barefoot
  11. Moss and other tiny flora found on forest floors
  12. The Lives of the Saints
  13. Toe socks/ tabi socks
  14. Poppies
  15. Running in the woods
  16. Reading The Pilgrim at Tinker Creek on vacation (I bring it with me every year)
  17. Breakfast with my father
  18. Connecting people
  19. Soaking in the bath
  20. Wine from Rioja, Spain
  21. Fish for breakfast
  22. Exploring big ideas
  23. Gardening and cultivation, especially with plants native to the place
  24. Carrara marble
  25. Beautiful portraits
  26. Stories of how couples met
  27. Inspiring people to follow their dreams
  28. Preparing meals according to the seasons
  29. Essays by Wendell Berry
  30. Taking Communion
  31. Visual puns
  32. Making love
  33. Sculptures of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  34. Erik’s hands
  35. Beautiful mathematics
  36. The excitement at the starting line of a 5K race
  37. Redemption stories
  38. Great story tellers, especially my father and brother
  39. Swimming in lakes
  40. Red jackets
  41. Indian fabrics
  42. Snuggling with my family in the morning
  43. Midnight walks
  44. The shapes of pears and eggs
  45. Children and adults alike exercising their God-given creativity
  46. Juxtaposing the grotesque with the beautiful
  47. Hearing from people who really love what they do
  48. Handwritten letters
  49. Picasso’s Guernica
  50. Incredible women, especially my mother

What do you love?



A figurative sculptor for over 20 years, Sarah tells monumental stories in clay, bronze, and stone.


  1. ChristianSuperMom on September 18, 2012 at 5:14 pm

    I love your list! So many things listed I can personally relate with in my own life. 🙂 Hope you’re doing well. I’ve missed seeing you and chatting with you.

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