Becoming Parisian

From the Archives: 10/08/2018

While, I have one foot rooted in reality and I know that Parisians are not any happier than Marylanders, I do think they get a few things right. My other foot is dipping its toes in the realm of fantasy and “what-ifs.” It’s a deep well of creativity, though often it leaves me feeling rather dissatisfied with reality. In fantasy stories, no one has to clean toilets or pack lunches.

Last week, I stopped at the local bakery and purchased a loaf of sourdough and a croissant. I thought to myself, “What if I attempted to live like a Parisian, right here in Frederick?” Is it even possible? Part of what enables Parisians to live like Parisians, is Paris. What can I do here, though, to bring out my inner Parisian?

It was our anniversary, but we decided to save the money we would have spent at a nice restaurant and put it towards our next travel adventure. Instead, we grabbed a baguette, some fruit, a spread, wine, and cheese and headed for a nice outdoor location. We opened up an old tablecloth and cut the fruit and bread on a board. It felt perfectly Parisian. The meal was simple but delicious, because all of the food came from local farms and the bread was freshly made that morning. Parisians savor the every day beauties of simple meals and lingering over slow glasses of wine. In America, we are often too busy rushing from this place to that to really enjoy ourselves. Let’s slow down and enjoy a simple meal with people we love.

I loved our picnic so much that I took the photograph and painted it with ink and watercolor.

What are you doing to cultivate your inner Parisian?


A figurative sculptor for over 20 years, Sarah tells monumental stories in clay, bronze, and stone.

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