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Resurrecting the Studio Blog

I have kept a blog/ internet journal on and off since 2003. In my early years of blogging, I loved connecting with other bloggers. About ten years ago, I started reading a blog by Jeff Goins. He was just starting out. Some of his stuff was cheesy, but I admired his tenacity. He wrote consistently, something I could never seem to do, and he honed his voice. And got really, really good. He’s sold a bunch of books and continues to inspire and influence artists and writers all over the world. Inspired by his tenacity and ability to tell wonderful stories, I have resurrected the studio blog.

“A big idea is something that’s not obvious until you hear it, and after you hear it, you can’t forget it.”

-Jeff Goins

Recently, I heard an interview with Jeff Goins on The Speaker Lab. In this interview, Jeff talked about BIG IDEAS. There is nothing I love more than a big ideas. Jeff made a compelling argument that the best big ideas are not new things at all, but rather old things rearranged. The author of Ecclesiastes says essentially the same thing, “There is nothing new under the sun.” We are all trying to figure out what it is to be human and how to live in this world.

Im our homeschool, we have been reading a lot of mythology from different ancient civilizations. One can’t help but notice that, while the stories are not the same, many of them certainly rhyme. In understanding ourselves and our place in the cosmos, we tell these stories over and over again, but each new civilization adds a bit or changes the narrative. Each of the stories tell a creation myth, then there is the moment that violence entered the world, when brother killed brother. There are stories of going down into the underworld, of lament, love, and great feats of bravery. The most enduring stories are about monumental sacrifices, resurrection, and heroism.

In the studio, I am essentially telling these stories again, but each time a unique human hand shapes the clay, or plays the music, it changed ever so slightly.

You have heard that is was said…

You have heard that it was said that there is nothing new under the sun, but I am telling you that each unique fingerprint on each unique hand on each unique human being is here, arranged in this way with particular stories to tell, with a nuance that brings new meaning to our collective stories.

It is so important to write your story, sing your song, create your sculpture. There’s never been one quite like this, made by you, in the world.

Noli timere…

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A figurative sculptor for over 20 years, Sarah tells monumental stories in clay, bronze, and stone.

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