The Claire McCardell Project Update

Finishing the full-scale Claire McCardell

After a grueling winter, I welcomed the warmer studio temperatures and wrapped up the finishing touches on the the 7’6″ clay sculpture of Claire McCardell. It has been shipped off to a mold-making studio and the mold transported to a bronze foundry in Loveland, Colorado. For the next six months, the foundry will pour a wax into the mold, then create a finished bronze.

How is it cast in bronze?

The bronze foundry uses a centuries-old process to transform a clay sculpture into bronze. It’s called the lost-wax process because in one of the steps, the wax is melted away! See here…

Once the foundry is finished with the bronze, we’ll have it transported back to Frederick, Maryland where we can install it along Carroll Creek!

See you at the unveiling!


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