Stay-at-Home Mom Wins Art Prize

If you haven’t seen the winners of this year’s Art Prize in Grand Rapids, please go check it out! This year’s first place winner is a mother and art teacher, Adonna Khare. She drew an exquisite, surreal mural of elephants and jungle creatures with nothing but pencils, an eraser, and a sock. The work is just incredible; it transports you to another place!

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Who is Art For Anyway?

I came across this hilarious little cartoon from Hyperallergic that asks the question, “Who is art for?”…

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Discussion with the Artist: “A Voice in Ramah”

Well, I thought I would try out doing a video on my blog. In this video, I talk…

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You Cannot Succeed Without Failure

It is a mistake to suppose that men [or women] succeed through success; they much oftener succeed…

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The Things I Love

What do you love?

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Making Molds, Part I

I have a troublesome relationship to making molds. I’ve made a few, but I really, really, really…

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Finishing Work: Young, Old, Broken, Whole

Young, Old, Broken, Whole

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A Grand Day in the City

Grove City, that is. We had a mural unveiling on Broad Street on the wall of Nonni’s…

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Finding Inspiration from Other Artists

I enjoy meeting new artists and seeing (new to me) work. A friend of mine with excellent…

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