Master Drawing Mondays: Week 13

The challenge of Master Drawing Mondays is to set aside time to copy a drawing. You can either choose from one of the Dover books, or I will provide a weekly prompt from a museum collection. If you are on social media, use the hashtag #MasterDrawingMonday and tag me on Instagram @SarahHI. Let’s see how many out-of-practice artists we can encourage to take up a regular practice of copying the old masters!

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How I Balance My Mother/ Artist Dual Vocations

How I Balance My Mother/ Artist Dual Vocations. TLDR: I don’t. Also a great recipe with sausage and kale.

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Master Drawing Mondays: Week 12

Tête de satyre by Michelangelo Buonarroti. Since I have Paris on my mind, here is a fascinating portrait by Michelangelo found in the Louvre’s collection. Michelangelo used brown ink for this drawing. #masterdrawingmonday

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Memories of Sandwiches and the Seine

I wrote this after returning from my first visit to Paris in 2018. I had dreamt about the City of Light since I was a child. I finally booked airfare for my 40th Birthday, but was derailed by a cancer diagnosis, surgery, and chemotherapy. As soon as I got clearance from my doctor, my family jetted off to Paris. In 2023, I’m packing my bags to head over there a second time for an artists residency. Here are my memories of that first day.

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Master Drawing Mondays: Week 11

A Kneeling Man Holding a Staff by Jacopo Tintoretto. I love the movement and freshness of Tintoretto’s drawings. I was not overly familiar with this Venetian master until 2018, when I saw a big exhibition at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. #masterdrawingMondays

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How I Turned My Regrets into Action

No one lives a life truly without regret. Regretting that we made that unkind remark or regretting our choice in which college we attended. Regret is a useful emotion. “Non, je ne regrette rien…”

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Master Drawing Mondays: Week 10

This lovely study of anatomy by Domenico Beccafumi shows us so much into the mind of the Renaissance artist. By the 16th-century, artists were years away from the Medieval model of painting the spiritual. #MasterDrawingMondays

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10 Ways Life is Better on Foot

Please walk, if you are able.
In the Lutheran liturgy, when it’s time to stand the minister always says, “Please stand, if you are able. I love that last part….Likewise, it is often the case, that we can stand. Or in this case, walk. Walking is one of the simplest ways for most people, most of the time, to move.

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Master Drawing Mondays: Week 9

This 16th-century Italian drawing by a follower of Francesco Salviati of “Christ Falling under the Cross”
was created using pen and brown ink with gray-brown wash and black chalk, heightened with white gouache on brown laid paper. It is the perfect subject matter for Lent, a season when Christians prepare for Easter. One of the spiritual exercises that many Christians do during Lent is walk the Stations of the Cross. #MasterDrawingMondays

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