On Walking

I had been feeling panicked about not getting enough work done or paying enough attention to this thing or that, but I have been giving my mind and body exactly what it has needed- a reset.

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How a simple reframing can help your life feel less chaotic

I cannot keep a schedule, but I can keep a rhythm.

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Big Ideas

eard that it was said that there is nothing new under the sun, but I am telling you that each unique fingerprint on each unique hand on each unique human being is here, arranged in this way with particular stories to tell, with a nuance that brings new meaning to our collective stories.

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Unveiling Claire McCardell

“Frederick is a place where history is made, and today we are doing it again by honoring a woman who changed the way women dress,” she [Hempel Irani] said.

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Save the Date

Don’t miss the debut of the larger-than-life bronze statue of fashion designer Claire McCardell!

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The Claire McCardell Project Update

After a grueling winter, I welcomed the warmer studio temperatures and wrapped up the finishing touches on the the 7’6″ clay sculpture of Claire McCardell.

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An Antidote to Loneliness

“There is no feeling more terrible than loneliness, no feeling worse than the sensation of being locked inside your own heart.”

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Iconic Fashion Designer Claire McCardell Statue

Frederick Art Club’s Statue of Claire McCardell Proposal Gets Nod from Frederick City Mayor

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Becoming Parisian

I stopped at the local bakery and purchased a loaf of sourdough and a croissant. I thought to myself, “What if I attempted to live like a Parisian, right here in Frederick?”

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